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Insurance Claims

If you're dealing with an insurance claim, we're here to help. We offer a free roof inspection to determine any damage and begin the process of filing your claim. Our team will assist in filling out the appropriate paperwork and once your claim is approved, our skilled contractors will install your new roof in a timely and professional manner.

Step 1

Are you experiencing a roofing issue or do you suspect that your roof may be damaged? At Power Play Contracting, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection with one of our trained professionals.


As the first step of the insurance process, getting your roof thoroughly inspected is crucial. Our inspectors can help you decide if you have a legitimate reason to file a claim.

  • Wind, hail, or storm damage?

  • Neglecting repairs can lead to bigger and more expensive issues in the future

Book Your Free Roof Inspection Now

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Step 2

When it comes to insurance paperwork, we understand that it can be overwhelming. That's why we're here to help. If there is enough damage, we will work with you to fill out the necessary paperwork and provide your insurance company with proper measurements, photos, estimates, and damage analysis.


Our goal is to ensure that you get the results you deserve and that your insurance claim is processed as smoothly as possible.

  • We get the proper measurements

  • We take professional photos

  • We analyze the damage

  • We provide restoration estimates

We've Got You Covered on Paperwork

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Step 3

The insurance claim process can be overwhelming, but Power Play Contracting is here to guide you every step of the way. Once the damage to your roof is documented and the necessary paperwork is completed, it's time to file your claim. Don't worry, your project manager can assist you with this process.

  • We help call the insurance carrier

  • You get assistance from our team

  • You get claim advice and instruction

We're Here to Help with Insurance Filing

insurance claim form
Step 4

If you've filed an insurance claim due to damage to your roof, your insurance carrier will typically perform an inspection. At Power Play Contracting, we have experience working with insurance carriers and know how to navigate the process to get the best outcome for you.


We will be on-site during the inspection to provide the insurance carrier's representative with any necessary documentation and ensure that all damage is accurately assessed.

  • Your insurance carrier inspects the damage

  • You receive assistance from our team

  • We provide your insurance carrier with documentation

Your Insurance Carrier Will Perform Their Own Inspection

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Step 5

At Power Play Contracting, we understand that dealing with insurance paperwork can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's why we offer our expertise to help you review the paperwork and make sure that everything is accounted for.


Typically, you will receive completed paperwork from your insurance carrier within two weeks, and we can help you go through it and ensure that the insurance adjusters haven't accidentally omitted anything.

  • We help review the insurance carrier's paperwork

  • We have knowledge of local codes

  • You receive assistance from our team

We Help Review Completed Paperwork From Your Insurance Carrier

couple reviewing insurance paperwork
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Step 6

We understand that finalizing paperwork and completing your project can be daunting, which is why we offer a comprehensive service to make it as easy as possible.


Our team will handle all necessary paperwork, including filling out required documents and processing building permits. We'll also schedule installation dates, ensuring that the project is completed promptly.


Once completed, we'll arrange for a final inspection and provide you and your insurance carrier with a certificate of completion, making the process as smooth as possible.

  • We help with county documents

  • We help with building permits

  • We schedule your installation and complete your project

We Help Finalize Paperwork & Complete Your Project

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